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This is the collection of tutorials prepared by multiple individuals that were shared publicly as documents for learning purposes. These documents has been converted to web pages and are made easy aceess to the normal users via web page. The entire content of the page are the hardwork from the authors mentioned in the page itself. We don't own it. We simply made the materials available in very easy and effective way for the users. In a manner of saying we are looking for the value addition of the existing tutorials available for the users.

The entire lab work and explanation includes work from undergraduates, master’s students, PhD students, postdocs, assistant professors, associate professors, and independent consultants.

Group collection & Chapters with links:

The tutorials are divided into main 2 groups: Fundamentals and Applications.

Each groups are further divided into sub groups as listed below. Each sub groups are further divided into chapters for easy navigation of the pages.

Github Code link for all tutorials

This code base is collection of codes that are freely available from different authors for google earth engine.

Github Source

Primary Source for code in GEE platform


Fundamentals for Google earth engine

Applications for Google earth engine